Let's Take Christ
Out of Christmas

Because it is that time of year
This verse has come your way
To tell you why I can't condone
This pagan holiday
"Merry Christmas" is a phrase
You'll hear this time of year
Expressing heartfelt sentiments
To those you hold most dear
Let's "keep Christ in Christmas"
Is another timely phrase
It's Satan who is glorified --
Beware his subtle ways!
"Jesus is the reason for the season"
Some folks say
And yet the Scriptures teach
Christ wasn't born on Christmas Day
For God declares the 25th
Was not our Savior's birth
Yet saved and unsaved on this day
Rejoice with equal mirth
You can't mix children of the dark
With children of the light
And expect this fornication
To be pleasing in His sight!
But men love darkness more than light
Is what the Scriptures say
And so they've tried to Christianize
This totally heathen day!
Jesus is the way, the truth
No truth is of a lie
So celebrating Christmas time
His "true Church" will not buy
Men call this season holy
Then chock it full of lies
Can this be of the Holy One
Or just a mere disguise?
When men call something holy
You had best beware --
Satan's at the heart of it
Countless souls to snare!
Can you believe the Christmas season
With its drunkenness and mirth
Gives honor to our Savior
To recall His holy birth?
Do you believe that every place
That sports a Christmas tree
Abortion clinics, banks and bars
Are Christianity?
Whose birthday did it celebrate
Before our Savior came?
It's still the same old festival
Someone just changed the name
It's Nimrod's birthday party
Always was and ere will be
Think of these things, dear Christian
As you decorate your tree
For long before dear Jesus came
This holiday was kept;
From Babylon into the church
This season slowly crept!
Satan shakes his fist at God --
What fools these mortals be
I told you I'd deceive them
And they would worship me!
Ole Satan takes a Scripture truth
And mixes it with lies
"You'll spend eternity with me"
The old deceiver cries!
But Christ declares from majesty
"I've still a faithful few
Who are awake and will not bow
Nor bend their knees to you!"
God seeks those who'll worship Him
In spirit and in truth
For many, this means we must reject
The lies taught from our youth!
The standard is not set by men
But set by God alone
And only those who follow it
Will sit upon the throne!
God is One Who won't be mocked
He's weary of our ways
Of taking pagan festivals
To call them holy days
They say if we remove the lies
From all this Christmas fun
We'll soon end up with nothing
To remind us of God's Son
Like Santa Claus, "He's coming kids"
They never bat an eye
But God sees this for what it is
It's just a Christmas lie!
Santa's elves make all these toys
And Santa's reindeer fly
He knows the good girls and the boys --
Another Christmas lie
In case you haven't figured out
His demons pull that sleigh
And Santa is really Satan
Just spelled another way!
And for the more "religious"
How about some "sacred lies" --
The Savior's born to mankind
So we'll all see paradise
Makes no difference how we live
Or what we do and say
God wouldn't send a man to Hell
It's not the Christian way!
Jesus born in Bethlehem
On Christmas long ago
Freezing shepherds grazing sheep
In the December snow
Christmas hymns and natal scenes
As holy as they seem
Cleverly are part of
This hellish Christmas scheme
"Jingle Bells" and "Silent Night"
Led many souls astray
But now you have a glimpse
Of how God views this heathen day!
Holly, bells and mistletoe
And toasts of Christmas glee
May leave you with a hangover
For all eternity!
Candles, lights and Christmas trees
Are pagan to the core and
Befit not one washed by His blood
But flaunted by the "Whore"
Don't fall for this deception
I pray you'll come to see
The white horse of Apocalypse
Is bearing down on thee
There is no truth in Christmas
It's just a pack of lies
"Presents" from the evil one
With hopes your soul he buys
Of many "False Christs" we are warned
Most in the pulpits be
Beware when they say: "Come,
Let's carol round the Christmas tree"
The "secret" of the Lord's
With those who fear His holy Name
If you really are a Christian
Cease from this worldly game
Luke 16 tells the story
Verse 13 is specially true
You cannot serve two masters
Choose today which one for you!
"We're saved, it doesn't matter"
You may hear some preacher say;
But all will find out differently
When comes the judgment day!
If you were blind, He could forgive
But since you say you see
The consequences you will reap
For all eternity!
In vanity you worship Him
Traditions for to keep
Protesting barks and oinks I hear
Aren't coming from the sheep!
In Revelation 3:16
The fate of many lies
Not bold enough to take a stand
They yield to compromise!
And then they wonder why He says
"Lukewarm! I'll spue thee out!"
They've let the standard so far down
They may not hear this shout!
Every Word of God is pure
And we must be the same
Let's seek to reach this standard
And be worthy of His name!
The Pilgrims would not celebrate
This date the world holds dear
They boldly stood against it
Sound in truth, they did not fear!
My friend if you love Jesus
If He reigns within your heart
Forsake this Christmas garbage
And refuse to take a part!
For one day soon we'll give account
For all we've said and done
Have we stayed steadfast in the Lord
Or bowed to Satan's "fun"?
If you really want to please your Lord
Refrain this wicked way
Love and honor His holy Name
Each and every day
Bow your head and ask the Lord
"Forgive me, I have strayed;
I've worshipped Christmas idols
Into their hands I've played?"
"Oh, Father, we cry out to Thee
In these last dangerous days
Give us strength and courage
To repent our evil ways!"
If you don't know the Savior
And you're sick of all your sin
Just open up your heart's door
For He's promised to come in!
Repent! And He will wash your sins
Much whiter than the snow
When you take on His righteousness
To Heaven you will go!
Don't wait until you're "good enough"
That good you'll never be
Let Jesus save your wretched soul
He sets sin-captives free!
You cannot offer anything
To One Who is all wise
Cain's offering was evil
Abel's was the prize
No matter how you are and give
How lavishly you bestow
Won't keep you from that fiery fate
The lake of fire, you know!
And giving gifts to needy folks
You think rewards may bring
But all your works mean nothing
'less you serve the King of kings!
In Matthew 7 verse 22
And also 23
Show "holy works" done "in His Name"
Can be iniquity
It's those who hide behind a mask
Doing works for all to see
That may impress their fellow man
But fail to well please Thee
So before you do another work
Before comes end this day
Think long of who is glorified
When Christmas games you play
Jesus Christ, the Holy One
Righteous, Pure and True
I won't put Christ in Christmas
To dishonor Him. Should you?
--Author Unknown