The Science of Salvation
"The Bible is God's great lesson book, His great educator. The foundation of all
true science is containted in the Bible. Every branch of knowledge may be found by
searching the Word of God. And above all else it contains the science of all
sciences, the science of salvation. The Bible is the mine of the unsearchable riches
of Christ.

 The true higher education is gined by studying and obeying the Word of God. But
when God's Word is laid aside for books that do not lead to God and the kingdom
of heaven, the education acquired is a perversion of the name.

 There are wonderful truths in nature. The earth, the sea, the sky are full of truth.
They are our teachers. Nature utters her voice in lessons of heavenly wisdom and
eternal truth. But fallen man will not understand. Sin has obscured his vision, and
he cannot of himself interpret nature without placing it above God. Correct lessons
cannot impress the minds of those who reject the Word of God. The teaching of
nature is by them so perverted that it turns the mind away from the Creator.

 By many, man's wisdom is thought to be higher than the wisdom of the Divine
Teacher, and God's lesson Book is looked upon as old-fashioned, stale, and
uninteresting. But by those who have been vivified by the Holy Spirit, it is not so
regarded. They see the priceless treasure, and would sell all to buy the field that
contains it. Instead of books containing the suppositions of reputedly great
authors, they choose the Word of Him, who is the greatest Author and the greatest
Teacher the world has ever known, who gave His life for us, that through Him, we
might have everlasting life."
Christ's Object Lessons p. 107
1. Is There AnyTHING We Can Trust?
2. Is There AnyONE We Can Trust?
3. How Did We Get Into This Mess?
4. The Man Who Was God!
5. YOU Can Live Forever!
6. Steps to Eternal Life!
7. God's Beautiful Tomorrow!
8. The King IS Coming!
9. Growing Up Into Christ!
10. Steps To Christ!