1. The Importance of Bible Study!
Doctrines and Issues
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2. The Spirit of Elijah!
    The principle for which the disciples stood so fearlessly when,
in answer to the command not to speak any more in the name of
Jesus, they declared, "Whether it be right in the sight of God to
hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye," [ACTS 4:19] is
the same that the adherents of the gospel struggle to maintain in
the days of the Reformation. When in 1529 the German princes
assembled at the Diet of Spires, there was presented the
emperor's decree restricting religious liberty, and prohibiting all
further dissemination of the reformed doctrines. It seemed that
the hope of the world was about to be crushed out. Would the
princes accept the decree? Should the light of the gospel be shut
out from the multitudes still in darkness? Mighty issues for the
world were at stake. Those who had accepted the reformed faith
met together, and their unanimous decision was, "Let us reject
this decree. In matters of conscience the majority has no power."
13, CHAPTER 5.]
3. The Character of God!
4. God's Law, Before AND After!
5. The PERFECT Solution!
6. A Day to REMEMBER!
7. Who's Responsible Anyway?
8. Are the Dead ALIVE?
9. God's Love in HELL!
    In the Laodicean state of the church at the present time, how
little evidence is given of the direct, personal guidance of God!
Men place themselves in positions of temptation, where they see
and hear much that is contrary to God, and detrimental to
spirituality. They lose their warmth and fervor, and become
lukewarm Christians, who are, in a great measure, indifferent to
the glory of God, and the advancement of his work. If God calls
His servants to positions where the influence is of a worldly
character, He will give special grace that they may be enabled to
overcome the evil consequent upon their circumstances.  There
should be religious fervor corresponding to the faith and
doctrines we have accepted as truth. If this were the case, how
earnestly would prayers be offered to know the will of God, and
how diligently would the heart be kept, out of which are the
issues of life! The servants of God become estranged from the
truth by associating with the world, and by partaking of its spirit.
When this is done, the truth is not appreciated as a sacred and
sanctifying truth. [GOSPEL WORKERS p. 389 & THE
10. Spiritualism and the Dead!
11. YOUR Day in Court!
12. It's NO Secret!
13. The Millenium!
14. Neither Jew nor Greek!
15. Speaking in Tongues!
16. Is Baptism Really Necessary?
17. God's Money in MY Purse!
18. The Everlasting Gospel!